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trans·la·tion mem·o·ry (transs láysh'n  mémmÉ™ree) noun - Translation memory consists of a database of words and phrases in a source language and their corresponding translations in a target language. Various translation memory programs scan the source text and find segments in the database (memory) that "match", either fully or as "fuzzy" matches. (See below for a further description.*)

Amerolink, Inc., can provide translation using a number of memory software programs if requested, applicable and advantageous for the project.

Translation memory is not always applicable and is most effective when source files contain a significant volume of text containing repeated words and/or phrases. It is applicable and beneficial when translation is ongoing for updates to previously translated text and other repetitive translation which utilizes key words and phrases indicative of your company, product, field or project.  

* Translation memory (TM) consists of a database system in which each source sentence of a translation is stored together with the target sentence (one TM unit). Any new source sentences will be searched for in the TM, and a match value is calculated. When the match value is 100% (i.e., a perfect match), the translation of the source sentence from the database is inserted into the document. If the match value is below 100% and above a certain user-definable percentage (e.g., 50%) the (old) translation will be inserted as translation proposal. Sentences with match values below that margin have to be fully translated from scratch. New and changed translation proposals will then be stored in the TM for further use.