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proof-read: (pro̵̅o̅frēd′) verb - the process of carefully reading, rereading and editing an existing translation for content and quality. A linguist checks for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and consistency.

When a project comes to Amerolink, Inc., for proofing, mistakes and omissions are corrected, and revisions are made to the translation as needed. Grammatical inaccuracies are addressed and adjustments are made to accomodate preferences in terminology. However, the text is not retranslated.

back-translate: (bak-transs láyt) verb - the process of completely translating a document that was previously translated into a foreign language back into the source (original) language, preferably by an independent linguist. This helps assess whether or not the intended meaning was communicated through the original translation.

In order to provide quality assurance, many clients have their translated projects proofread and edited by an independent translator or agency apart from from the original translation entity. We have qualified linguists available to provide this service and to ensure that your project is accurate, meets the highest quality standards and conveys the most applicable meaning and nuance for the region you wish to target.

When clients have translations provided in-house or choose the most inexpensive translator available due to budgetary concerns, they often wind up with unacceptable results, project delays and additional costs in the long run.

Amerolink, Inc., is available to proofread your previously translated work; however, we are also available to provide qualified, experienced translators to handle your translation needs from the start. We will deliver a complete and accurate product on time and at a reasonable price, which will save you time, hassles and money. Send us your project, then grab a cup of coffee and relax. We'll take care of it!