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trans·la·tion ( transs láysh'n ) noun - written communication in a target language* having the same meaning as the written communication in a source language*

Amerolink, Inc., translates the written word into all common languages, and even many considered obscure. Our translations are provided in the translator's native language (mother tongue).

A checklist for our translators: 

  • Native speaking, perfectly bilingual
  • University-educated
  • Remain active in the use of their native language
  • Specialists in the subject being translated
  • Active in the publication of documents in their mother tongue
  • Willing to have qualifications verified and to provide references
  • Up-to-date with current translation software and computer technology

What Amerolink Offers

We have an established network of translators and proofreaders strategically located around the world.

*Target language: The language translated "into" ~ Source language: The language translated "from"

At Amerolink we have found that it takes many applicants to produce a translator qualified to work for our agency. All of our translators meet the requirements of the checklist above.

Amerolink, Inc., provides translation using a number of memory software programs when requested, and applicable.

We translate into all fields, e.g., banking & financial, marketing, engineering, medical, legal, insurance, retail services, arts & entertainment, literary, industrial, telecommunications, technology, etc., and we can accomodate a variety of software applications on both Microsoft and OSX operating systems.